Gotta’ Gorgeous View From Your Home? Enjoy It To The Fullest With Fixed / Picture Windows!

If you have an awesome view around your home you don’t want that to go to waste. When done properly, a gorgeous view can make even a plain room beautiful. Many homeowners invest $1,000s of dollars each year in beautiful landscaping around their homes yet aren’t able to fully appreciate it with their current windows. So they settle for smaller, low visibility windows that eclipse their gorgeous view or even worst yet simply hang pictures on the wall and call it a day. Well not anymore, because fixed windows are your answer.
Fixed Windows
Fixed Windows

What Exactly Is A Fixed Window?

Fixed windows (often called a picture window) is a standard window that is non-operational. As such, these windows do not have a handle, hinges, or any operable hardware. Fixed windows permit light to enter while remaining closed to the exterior environment (unlike an operable window, which can open and close). This window style is known for its ability to provide an uninterrupted outlook. It is a perfect solution in spaces where maximizing a view, light transmittance, or solar heat gain is desired but ventilation is not a requirement. Fixed windows are timeless and sophisticated while providing sleek lines and clean edges often desired in modern designs. This makes them an excellent option for almost any home from traditional design to contemporary styles.

Are There Any Benefits To Getting Atlanta Window PROs Fixed Windows?

There are quite a few benefits to getting this unique style of window. First, fixed windows are very modern looking. Fixed windows offer a more streamlined, modern aesthetic. You find them used in all sorts of modern home styles with high or vaulted ceilings or installed as an arched window over vaulted areas, doors, and even other windows. They serve one main purpose: to frame a gorgeous view. Also adding more natural light and creating visual interest are great reasons to add fixed windows as well.

However, they do have many other benefits for you as well:

  • Affordable: Less moving parts means less cost for you!
  • Insulation: Prevents particles from coming into the house so that you can enjoy the view.
  • Low Maintenance: The only maintenance you may need to do is clean them.
  • Clear view of the outside: If you have a beautiful view, you can now experience it unobstructed.
  • Natural light: Use these windows to bring natural light into darker spaces around your home.
  • Secure: Sealed windows are much harder to tamper with then operable ones.
  • Energy-efficient: A sealed window keeps the elements out. No air can’t leak in or out. Installing these energy-efficient windows can help you reduce your energy bills and live more comfortably, no matter the season.

Lastly, they are very versatile windows to install in a variety of places around your home. They’re a great choice for living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms – any room where ventilation isn’t a concern and relaxation is your main focus.

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