Do You Have Rooms Where You’d Like To Maximize Air Ventilation And Natural Light? Then Casement Windows Are Your Answer!

Special applications call for special solutions. Many homeowners find that a mixture of various types of windows is oftentimes the BEST solution for replacing the windows in their home. Since A.W.P. casement windows open outward all the way, they provide maximum ventilation and natural light. Casement windows work well where ventilation is required, such as in a bathroom or kitchen. They are also frequently used where unobstructed views are desired as in a sitting room or sunroom.
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What Exactly Is a Casement Window?

Casement windows are easy to recognize. Most are vertical rectangles that have a single pane of glass. They also tend to have simple styling that sets them apart from more decorative window types, such as traditional divided-lite single- or double-hung windows. But perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a casement window is its operation: Instead of sliding up and down (like hung windows) or side to side (like sliders), casements are hinged at the side, and they open outward (like car doors) by means of a mechanical crank. Casement windows open to the outside of the home, with the screens inside. In rare instances, a casement may pivot inward, into the room. In this style, the window is usually operated by a simple locking handle rather than a crank.

Are There Any Benefits To Getting Atlanta Window PROs Casement Windows?

There are quite a few benefits to getting this unique style of window. First, casements are very modern looking. While historic homes and contemporary houses with traditional styling favor the classic look of single- and double-hung windows, casements offer a more streamlined, modern aesthetic. You find them used in all sorts of modern home styles, from postwar rambler to mountain contemporary to ultra-modern box.

Casements can have divided panes, usually provided by a faux muntin grid applied over a single pane of glass, but they’re most effective with wide-open glass that provides an unobstructed view. By contrast, single- and double-hung windows always have a sash frame cutting through the center of your view.

Second, if you want to maximize the glass and still have a window that opens (not a picture window), a casement is the way to go. Thirdly, casements are good for emergency egress. This means the amount of clear opening they provide relative to the overall size of the window. For a window to qualify as an emergency egress/rescue opening (required for bedrooms and basements), it must have at least 5.7 square feet of unobstructed opening (or 5 square feet for ground-floor windows). This can be achieved with a casement window that has an overall size of just 8 square feet.

Compare that to a double-hung or slider window, which must be around 15 square feet to offer a sufficient clear opening. The vertical orientation of most casements makes it easy for them to meet the minimum height requirements of 24 inches; the minimum width is 20 inches.

Finally, they are very versatile windows to install in a variety of places around your home. Casement windows are perfect for hard-to-reach areas like over a kitchen sink or in a projecting window such as a bow or bay window. The windows crank open and closed with ease, and allow more light and visibility than other styles.

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